Year 9 Welcome letter


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to yourselves and the students after what I hope has been an enjoyable and restful summer holidays.  If you are joining us for the first time then I hope you are looking forward to your new school.

At the onset of another school year I thought it important to get in touch and communicate with you what you can expect from Year 9.

As I’m sure you are all aware, this year is a very important one for our students.  They are rapidly growing up and will be making some important choices regarding their GCSEs.  Our sole aim is making sure that every student in the year group is able to make sensible, informed choices when the time comes.  In order to make sure all students fulfil their potential we have the following high expectations of the students;

  • That they will come to school on time every day to join in tutor activities and lessons
  • That they will be properly dressed according to the uniform policy, unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case please contact the school.
  • That they will come to school with the correct equipment for the day such as pens, pencils, a ruler and any exercise books they need.
  • That they will follow our behaviour guidelines and participate fully in their education.

Students should also have high expectations of their teachers, tutors, other members of staff, and of themselves. By doing this our students will have the best possible choices available to them.

Last year was a very positive experience for our students.  Achievement was excellent across the curriculum and behaviour was overall superb. However, this was not simply a happy accident.  The students worked incredibly hard to achieve highly in all areas of school life.  With the same level of effort and application I wholeheartedly believe that this year will be even better.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Miss Martin as our new Assistant Head of Year 9 who will be assisting me to ensure the smooth running of the year group, please feel free to contact Miss Martin should you have any concerns.

I, and the whole team, look forward to working with all parents and guardians over the next year.  With your support I am sure that Year 9 will enjoy another hugely successful year.  As ever, please feel free to contact any member of the year team should you have any concerns or questions.

Yours faithfully,

Phil Benson
Head of Year 9

Y9 Key Dates 2015-16

Below are provisional key dates for the upcoming academic year. If there are any changes to the calendar the school will make parents/guardians aware.

21.09.15 Year 9 Target Setting

07.12.15 Year 9 Interim Assessment

15.12.15 Year 9 Imperial War Museum Trip NXH

11.01.16 Year 9 Options Evening

18.01.16 Year 9 Parents’ Evening

04.02.16 Year 9 Careers Event X Band

05.02.16 Year 9 Careers Event Y Band

18.02.16 House of Parliament Outreach Programme Assembly

18.02 16 MP Dr. Lee Assembly

17-19.05.16 Year 9 Drug Awareness AAH

13.06.16 Year 9 Assessment Fortnight begins

15.06.16 Year 9 Residential (Details soon!)