KS4 Homework Policy


Dear Parents and Carers,

Homework Policy – KS4

Homework is a corner stone in developing skills transfer and time management in pupils, alongside consolidating learning and applying stretch and challenge. The feedback from parents at the end of last year was that homework was not being set consistently across departments. This made it difficult for:

• pupils to reach their potential in different subjects and did not support them in managing their time at home.
• parents and carers to fully engage with the pupils’ progress and

In order to address this, The Brakenhale School would like to share the following Homework Policy.


• To maintain high expectations in learning and conduct by setting and assessing regular, challenging out-of-lesson work.
• To support the students by; identifying strengths and areas for development in learning, reinforcing learning, extending learning, and promoting student independence in learning.
Pupils will receive homework for English, Maths, Science and each one of their Option subjects.
There is no set timetable for Key Stage 4 to allow pupils to manage their own time across the week.
Pupils should expect to receive approximately 6-10 hours of homework per week. Show My Homework will be utilised to ensure all pupils and families can see homework and to make it easier for departments to set homework.

The LRC runs Homework Club every night of the week. Each day there will be one staff member from the subject of the day to offer specialist support. The Show My Homework website will be used by staff, in addition to the planners, to ensure homework details and resources are easily accessible to pupils and parents. The pupils will receive login details, in order to make the website bespoke to them. However, a log in is not required to search for homework and access details and resources. The website is also optimised for smartphone access. Should pupils have problems with the site, including login details, they can visit Mrs K Daniels in the LRC.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Gemma Powell
Assistant Headteacher