Important Information

1st September 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

Firstly, many thanks for your patience with regard to the purchasing of school uniform and bags.  For some of you I know that this has been a smooth process, however, for others I am aware that it has been, and in some cases, continues to be a frustrating process.  Unfortunately, we have had a few issues with the delivery of some of the school skirt sizes which has resulted in some parents being unable to buy the required skirt.  I have spoken to the supplier this morning who assures me that all the required sizes will be here by the end of the week and they are hopeful that it will be Thursday morning.  If you have tried unsuccessfully to buy the correct size skirt and we have your details on the system, as soon as your skirt arrives we will get it to your daughter in school.  In the meantime if your daughter already has a knee length black skirt or a pair of black trousers it will be fine for them to wear this on Thursday until the new one is delivered to school.   If you don’t have a black skirt or trousers we are able to lend you one for this week.  Please contact school reception and we can organise this.  Clearly, this is not an ideal situation on any level but it is one in which we find ourselves and I am doing all I can to mitigate it.


Please can I remind parents that all children are required to have a Brakenhale School bag.  These are available to buy either directly from school reception ranging from £6-£8 or, from the school uniform shop, a slightly different style which ranges between £11-£12.


We are now dedicating the car park in front of reception for Senior Staff and visitors.  As a result the vast majority of school staff will now be required to park at the Coningsby entrance.  Please can I ask for your support in keeping this car park as free as possible particularly first thing in the morning by avoiding parking temporarily in these spaces while you drop students off to school.

Return to school.

Finally please can I remind you that students return to school on Thursday 3rd September.  ALL students will start at 8.40am and should be in school by 8.30am at the latest.

Many thanks indeed for all of your continued cooperation and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my PA, Mrs Anna-Marie Elsey, if you have any concerns of queries.  Alternatively you can email me on

Yours sincerely

Jane Coley, Headteacher