GCSE Celebrations!

Our students are celebrating after receiving their exam results this morning. The school has achieved a 7% increase on its headline A*-C including English and Maths figure with 50% of students achieving this national benchmark. Furthermore 63% of students have gained 5 A*-C grades an impressive increase of 13% compared to last year.   In addition 70% of students have achieved a C grade or above in English and 62% in Maths.

Departments across the school have supported the students in gaining outstanding results, in IT 98% of students gained an A*-C, English Literature 96% Drama 97%, Catering 87% and PE 87%.

Individual students have achieved some remarkable results across the board, Ruth Fischer gained 12 A and A* grades with an A* in Maths, IT and Catering. Laura Maryon and Dylan Flier both gained 9 A and A* grades, Laura achieved an A* in Maths and Drama alongside A grades in Music, Religious Studies, Additional Maths, Additional Science, Business studies, English Literature and French.  Dylan achieved A* grades in Maths and Geography with A grades in English Literature and Language, Maths, PE, Core and Additional Science. Lewis Clothier gained A* grades in Maths and Further Maths as well as Drama and A grades in English Literature and PE whilst Matthew Nower also gained an A* in Maths and Catering and A grades in Further Maths, Science and PE.

This is an impressive set of results which students should be very proud of. The improvement on last year’s headline grades is also very pleasing and is testimony to an enormous amount of hard work from staff, students and parents, particularly in the weeks leading up to the summer examinations.  It is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Brakenhale School, a School that is now firmly focused on High Expectations and Challenge for all.

Jane Coley