Possible School Closure 02/07/2015


Dear Parents/Carers

We have been told that the water companies may be turning off the water supply across a wide area of Bracknell due to a burst water pipe based in Egham which supports our system. This is potentially due to take effect from 4pm today. If this is the case they would hope to rectify the problem overnight.

If they are unsuccessful and there is no running water at school tomorrow, Friday 3rd July 2015, I will have no alternative but to shut the school because we will be unable to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. I would like to assure you that the closure of the school would always be the last option and it is something that I would always aim to avoid. However, in these circumstances I would be left with no alternative. If this is the case I will alert parents as soon as I am able, but a decision will have been made by 7.45am at the latest.

Any closure will be communicated via the school website as well as the local radio stations.

Kind regards

Mrs Coley