Maths Revision 05/06/2015


Dear parents/carers of students taking Maths GCSE on Monday 8th June

I wanted to remind you that maths revision is on both Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00 in the maths department (enter school by the Conningsby gate, entrance by the LRC up to maths). It is most important that students attend both sessions if at all possible. We will be completing our best guess paper for paper 2 and associated revision.

We will be starting breakfast revision at 7.30am on Monday morning on the 8th June in the maths department and water, biscuits and bananas will be available for the students, we look forward to seeing as many students as possible for their last revision session.

Students must have a black pen for the exam on Monday and their own scientific calculator.

We look forward to seeing all the students taking Maths GCSE on Monday 8th June over the weekend for further revision. If you have any queries please contact me on

Yours faithfully
Miss Manisier
Acting Head of Maths