Improvement Plan 140515


Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to you to keep you up to date with our current planning for the rapid improvement of The Brakenhale School.

In conjunction with colleagues, including our new Chair of Governors, Karen Roche who is a highly experienced Ofsted inspector and current Chair of Governors at a local primary school, I have written a school improvement plan which focuses on seven priorities. I am going to break down these priorities every half term into actions for a wide range of people who are associated with the school including our parents. In order for the school to ensure that all students make the progress they deserve it is important that we all work together and that we are all clear on the direction in which we are going. I have shared with students their role in this half term’s priority plan and I have attached their actions as well as those that I am hoping that as parents you will feel able to engage in.

As you will see most of the parental actions are associated with feeding back to the school. I will always be pleased to hear your views and ideas on how things can be improved so please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or by telephoning the school.

I will be writing to you again next week with the new uniform and mobile phone policy and asking for your support in moving forward with these after half term.

Yours faithfully
Jane Coley

pdf Improvement Plan 120515