Staff Appointments


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to be able to inform you of a number of key appointments that we have made across the last few weeks that I know will have a significant impact on student achievement. All colleagues who have been appointed are ‘Outstanding’ practitioners who are committed to supporting the highest level of learning, teaching and achievement for all students at The Brakenhale School. I have no doubt that their impact on the High Expectations agenda that I have for all staff and students in the school will be notable.

Deputy Headteachers
I have appointed 2 Deputy Headteachers to support me in the strategic development of the school and to ensure a rapid move forward in achievement for all. Both colleagues have significant experience of school improvement and working at the very highest standards. Paul Gibson is currently Assistant Headteacher at Maiden Erlegh School in Reading and Andrew Hartley is Assistant Headteacher at The Downs School in Compton – both are very high performing schools.

We have appointed Jessica Cooper as Head of English – Jessica is currently teaching at Gordon’s School in Surrey. We have also appointed Emily Russell to the English Department, she is currently an Assistant Headteacher and Lead Practitioner also at Gordon’s school, alongside Mrs Gardner (who tried to retire but we just can’t let her go!) both will support Jessica as Seconds in Department.

Tom Dean will join us as Head of Mathematics, he is currently teaching at Edgbarrow School and in addition we have appointed Daniel Hicks as a teacher of Mathematics, he is currently in post at The Priory School in Surrey.

Jonathan Radcliffe will join us as Second in Science, he is currently teaching at Edgbarrow School.

Yours faithfully
Mrs Jane Coley