Weekly Parent News 01/05/2015


Upcoming events

Monday 4th May: Bank Holiday
Tuesday 5th May: PTA meeting 7pm in LRC
Sunday 10th May: Bracknell Half Marathon
Wednesday 13th May: Year 10 Parents’ Evening 4pm – 7pm
Friday 22nd May: Year 11 Leavers’ Day, shirt signing & issuing the hoodies
Monday 25th to Friday 29th May  – Half Term Holiday
Wednesday 3rd June: Year 8 Parents’ Evening 4pm – 7pm
Tuesday 21st July: Last day of the school year for students, early finish 12:10
Wednesday 22nd July: Teacher Training Day 5
For full lists of dates please see the calender page

Year 7 Parents’ Evening 29 April update

I would like to thank everyone who came to support their children at the year 7 parents’ evening.  With an attendance of over 75% it was clear that so many of you recognised the importance of the evening in supporting your child’s attainment and progress.  If work commitments meant you were unable to attend, please feel free to contact the school to discuss any issues or to find out how well your child is doing.

As their Head of Year I have high expectations of all students in year 7 in terms of their behaviour, uniform and quality and standard of work.  I know that from conversations with many of you on the night, you also hold this view.  I am incredibly proud of every student in the year and know that they are all working to achieve the best that they can.  As we are now in their 3rd term at The Brakenhale School it is vitally important that your child continues to strive towards their best possible work and behaviour and that we all support them to achieve that goal.

Mr Swynford-Lain, Head of Year 7

Year 11 Trip

“If you set up for success anything is possible!”

On Tuesday 28th April 13 year 11 students went on a course run by PIXL aimed at getting into University for prospective medical students. Students learnt a huge variety of important skills raising their inspirational targets and promoting higher education.

Student Quotes from the Prospective medical Trip:

“I found it useful as it gave information about the different career routes you can take in medicine. I found that you should try and achieve the best grades you can in your GCSE’s as this can give you more opportunities to do higher courses in university.”

“I had a great time. I found the conference very useful and learnt a lot of new things about getting into a medical career. I especially found it helpful in interview techniques and the perfect things to say on my personal statement when applying to universities.”

Mr Cooper, Head of Year 11

Dance update

Working in collaboration with Berkshire County Dance Company Youth and 80collective artistic director Luke Brown, Miss Haley selected nine Year 10 dance students to work on a 10 week project after school and for Sunday rehearsals to create a challenging dance work to be showcased as part of the professional dance platform ‘Pitch’ at South Hill Park. The students were extremely dedicated and professional throughout the process and their performance on Wednesday the 29th was of a very high standard receiving fantastic feedback from teachers and parents who supported the event. Miss Haley was extremely proud of their progress, hard work and the standard of their performance.

Ms Haley, Head of Dance

PTA update

Have you thought about coming along to a PTA meeting and not got around to it? Our next meeting is Tuesday 5th May at 7pm in the LRC why not come along either by yourself or with a friend, you would be most welcome (the meetings are always on the first Tuesday of every month).  We look forward to seeing you there.

The PTA would like to give you advance warning that they are holding a race night event on  Saturday 6th June 2015. Please keep the evening free in your diaries.

Miss Manisier, Assistant Headteacher

Race Night Poster 060615

PTA Half Marathon Water