Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium

Catch-up premium funding is received by the school for all students who join us with a Key Stage 2 Level below a Level 4 for either English Reading or Maths. £500 is received per student in the February following their start with us.  This does not mean an individual entitlement to the funding, rather the school has discretion to spend this money to ensure that identified students are able to make the necessary progress.

2014 – 2015

For 2014-15 we anticipate that 36 students will be eligible for catch-up funding. Students will have been allocated to either English and/or Maths support groups, will be receiving focused intervention from the Special Educational Needs Department to improve their reading skills. and/or will be receiving teaching in smaller focused teaching groups in Maths and English.

SPEND 2014-15 (£15,000 possible)

The funding is allocated depending on the individual student and could be allocated to:

  • Extra tuition in small groups or one to one eg: TA led maths or literacy support in Learning and Inclusion.
  • Specialist support for specific educational difficulties – Specialist Literacy /Speech and Language / Handwriting /Emotional Resilience /Protective Behaviour
  • Access to enrichment activities
  • Access to mentoring
  • Support from a counsellor
  • £9,500 on staff costs to facilitate small groups and progress intervention; removal from Modern Foreign Languages and/or 6 week interventions.