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Please find below copies of letters and other communications that have been home.

We are very keen that you are kept well informed of what is going on in school and in touch with all activities affecting your child.  Communications are sent to parents through a number of electronic channels: we email parents directly; post notices here on the school website and tweet @brakenhale information on a regular basis.  We have found that communicating with parents in this way is very effective and avoids the problems of letters lost in the bottom of school bags!

We use a service provider called Schoolcomms to send email and text alerts to parents.  The Schoolcomms system draws information directly from the data management system we use in school.  It will automatically upload the e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of the first two contacts provided by parents. Personal communications about your child can only be received by you and your email and mobile details will not be shared with anyone else and will be stored securely.

If you do not have an e-mail address your mobile number will be used for emergency messages.  For letters you will receive a paper copy. Paper copies of communications are available on request from the school office at any time.

It is very important to keep the school up to date with any change to contact details such as address, telephone number or email address. 

Off Site Activities Form for Trips   Download PDF

Communications 2016-2017

23rd June: History/Languages Trip to France - 7th July

Dear Parents/Carers
History/Modern Foreign Languages Trip to France – 7th July 2017
Please be aware that all students attending the above trip will not need to bring bedding with them.  However, they will need to bring towels and toiletries.
Kind regards
School Office

23rd June: Year 11 Transition Day

Hi Year 11
Subject: Transition Day
Just a quick final reminder that Transition Day starts on Monday 26th June 2017 for all applicants to Brakenhale Sixth Form.
Join us in the Sixth Form common room at 8:40am for registration/assembly starting with Bacon sandwiches and refreshments.  We look forward to seeing you all there.
If you didn’t apply to Brakenhale but would like to come and experience Sixth Form with us, please contact a member of the Sixth Form Team.
Mr T Dale, Head of Sixth Form

22nd June: Year 10 Revision

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 10 Revision Information
Please see attached a Revision Information Guide for students.
Kind regards
Mr R Beukes, Head of KS4

Year 10 Revision Booklet

22nd June: History/Languages Trip to France

Dear Parents/Carers
History/Modern Foreign Languages Trip to France – 7th to 10th July, 2017
Further to the trip meeting this week, please see attached powerpoint with further information regarding arrangements for the trip.
Kind regards
School Office

Brakenhale French Trip Presentation

22nd June: World Challenge Information Evening

Dear Parents/Carers
Years 9/10/11 – World Challenge – Croatia – Reminder
We would like to invite you to attend an information evening on Thursday 22nd June @ 6.30pm in the Main Hall where we would like to share with you details of our World Challenge expedition to Croatia in July 2018.
Kind regards
Mr N O’Donoghue, Head of Year 10

21st June: Dance Show

Dear Parents/Carers
Dance Show – 17th July 2017
We would like to invite you to the Brakenhale Dance Show on Monday 17th July. This will be in the Main Hall from 6pm and is estimated to last until 8pm.
Further information will be sent out to participating students nearer the time.
We apologise for the change of date from the school calendar and any inconvenience this may cause.
Any students who wish to sign up for the show can do this using the sign-up sheets in the Movement Studio.
Kind regards
Miss C Haley, Head of Dance & Drama

21st June: Parent Support Group

Dear Parents/Carers
Parent Support Group
Please be advised of the change of date of the next Parent Support Group meeting from Tuesday 27th June to Friday 7th July from 9.30am to 11am all are welcome to come along and meet our Family Support Advisor and other parents to discuss all aspects of living with teenagers.
Kind regards
School Office

20th June: Staffing

Dear Parents/Carers


We are in a very positive position regarding staffing for next year. I am sure you will have heard in the national press about the significant difficulties in recruiting nationally for teachers along with the significant pressure on funding. We do, however, have a part time Spanish teacher post from September and we would appreciate it if you could share this vacancy with anybody that you feel might be interested.

Over the past 18 months we have also developed very strong links with local universities and as a result we are focused on in house training of colleagues who wish to go into the teaching profession.

Once again if you know of anybody who is considering a career in teaching please do encourage them to get in touch with us.

Kind regards

Ms Coley

20th June: Bike Sheds

Dear Parents/Carers

Bike Sheds

Unfortunately, we have had a spate of vandalism in the bike sheds sporadically over the last few days.  We believe that this is coming from outside the school community but during the time that the bike sheds are open for students to lock their bikes away.  We have purchased new CCTV which will be up and running on Monday so I am hoping that this will stop the problem.

In the meantime, I am shortening the amount of time the bike sheds will be open and whilst they are open they will be manned with staff.

As of tomorrow morning and for the remainder of the week they will be open from 8.15 am – 8.45 am and 3.05 pm – 3.25 pm.  Access to the bike sheds outside of these times will need to be made via a request to reception.

Kind regards
Ms J Coley, Headteacher

19th June: Year 10 Qualifications

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 10 Qualifications
Please find attached to this email a complete list of the qualifications your son/daughter may be studying. Additional revision resources, such as past papers and exam specifications, can be found by Googling the subject and the relevant examination board, and checking it is for examination in 2018.
You may also be able to find specific revision guides and other resources by searching the web- Amazon is also particularly helpful.
If you are unsure as to anything to do with exam qualifications or boards please contact your son/daughter’s teachers who will be able to help.
Many thanks
Mr P Benson, Head of Year 10

Year 10 Qualifications

19th June: PE Uniform

Dear Parents/Carers
PE Uniform
As the weather is extremely hot this week, could we remind students if they have PE to apply sunscreen before coming to school, bring a large refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and ensure that PE t-shirts are worn and not rugby tops.
Kind regards
School Office

19th June: Year 11 Leavers' Assembly

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly
Year 11 Leavers’ Assembly will be on Wednesday 21st June.  Students should arrive at 0900 for a 0930 start.  Students will have the opportunity to say goodbye to friends and teachers an opportunity will be provided for shirt signing at the end of the Assembly.
Please bring any donations of unwanted school uniform including ties.
For students wishing to order a Leavers Book, this will be your last opportunity to submit your request.
Kind regards
School Office

19th June: Year 10 Mock Interview Day

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 10 Mock Interview Day – Friday 7th July
On Friday 7th July 2017 all Year 10 students will have a mock interview experience to help prepare them for their future. The interviews will be an opportunity to practice presenting themselves to a professional, and will take place at school. We have 25 volunteers who have agreed to share their time and expertise from various local, national and global businesses such as Thames Valley Police, Microsoft, OfSTED and QA Training, as well as members of our Governing Body.
Students will receive feedback on the way they present themselves, the responses they give to open questions and on their body language and confidence. We expect that student’s attitude and behaviour will be exemplary.  Students may wear full school uniform or business professional clothes (skirts should be on the knee).
Students will be issued with an appointment card for their interview. Please let us know if your son/daughter will be absent from school on Friday so that we can cancel their appointment.
Interviews are always nerve-wracking but we hope this experience will challenge our students in a way that will be beneficial.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours faithfully
Mr P Benson, Head of Year 10

19th June: World Challenge Information Evening - Years 9, 10 and 11

Dear Parents/Carers
Years 9/10/11 – World Challenge – Croatia
We would like to invite you to attend an information evening on Thursday 22nd June @ 6.30pm in the Main Hall where we would like to share with you details of our World Challenge expedition to Croatia in July 2018.
Attached is a sample itinerary of what the students will be doing. It will be an extremely challenging experience for them, but from challenges comes growth.
Kind regards
Mr N O’Donoghue, Head of Year 10

World Challenge sample itinerary

18th June: School Uniform

Dear Parents/Carers
School Uniform
As the weather is forecast to be increasingly hot this week, may we please remind students to bring in a refillable water bottle to keep hydrated during the day.  For this week, students will not be required to wear ties or blazers but all other uniform is to remain as usual.
Kind regards
School Office

16th June: Year 12 Start of School

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 12 – This is a quick reminder that school starts again for all year 12 students on Monday 19th June 2017.
All students that intend to stay on into Year 13 are required to attend the next 5 weeks in school.
This will enable the students to get a head start in their studies, ready for the more challenging year 13 course content.
Privilege Passes
From the 19th June students’ privilege passes will not be active. Instead students will be able to leave school at lunch time if the following has been done:

  1. Their Tutor is made aware in AM registration
  2. They have no lesson period 5
  3. They are up to date with all work
  4. They sign out at main reception.

Mr T Dale & Mr J Boucher

16th June: History/Languages Trip to France - 7th to 10th July 2017

Dear Parents/Carers
History/Modern Foreign Languages Trip to France – 7th to 10th July, 2017
You will be aware of the exciting opportunity for Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students attending the above trip.  To ensure that you have all the information you need regarding this trip we have organised another information evening on Tuesday 20th June at 6pm.
On the evening we request that you bring in your child’s passport and EHIC card which will be kept locked securely until departure.
Kind regards
Mr H Thomas, Assistant Headteacher

15th June: Year 11 BTEC Business Studies

Dear Parents/Carers
Completion of BTEC Business Studies
As you are aware students transferred to the BTEC Business Studies qualification at the beginning of Year 11.
The current state of play with students is that most have completed units 2, 3 and 8 of the qualification and only have unit 1 to complete.
The Business Department have not been pushing students to complete the work for unit 1 as we considered that at present it is best for your child to concentrate on revision for the GCSE exams that they are studying for.
Most students will have completed the majority of their exams by the 16th June 2017.  It has therefore been decided that the following sessions will be held to help your child complete their outstanding coursework:

  • Friday 16th June 2017    –  11.25am – 4.05pm – B15
  • Monday 19th June 2017  –  10.00am – 4.05pm – B15
  • Tuesday 20th June 2017 –   9.00am – 4.05pm – B15

Most students should be able to attend at least some of the sessions above.  Students are welcome to come to the business department at any time that they are free after half-term to work on any outstanding coursework but these will be the final sessions that will be run before grades have to be sent to the exam board.
Your assistance in encouraging your child to attend these sessions would be greatly appreciated as time is now limited for them to complete outstanding work.
If you have any concerns regarding this message please do not hesitate to contact me at school.
Kind regards
Miss M Morgan, Head of Business Studies

15th June: Osmington Bay Trip

Dear Parents/Carers
Osmington Bay Trip
Useful information to help Friday run smoothly

  • Non-school uniform
  • No need for PE kit
  • Try not to bring a school bag. Pen and other essentials only
  • Leave luggage in A04
  • Lessons only Period 1, 2 and 3
  • Early lunch at start of period 4, canteen open
  • 12:45 meet on patio
  • 13:00 leave on coaches

Kind regards
School Office

14th June: Year 10 Pre-Public Exams

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 10 Pre-public examinations
To support our students in the run up to their pre-public examinations, we would like to create a safe study space for them in school.
I will run a supervised revision session in C15 from 3:05pm to 4:30pm. Students are welcomed to come and work on homework or prepare for their exams during this time. They will be expected to sign in and out and it will be a silent environment.
This will begin from Thursday 15th June. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the year team.
Kind regards
Mrs A Duddy, Assistant Head of Year 10

14th June: History/Languages Trip to France Information Meeting 20.06.17

Dear Parents/Carers
History/Languages Trip to France Meeting
Please see attached a letter from Mr Thomas regarding the France trip meeting.
Kind regards
School Office

History/MFL Trip Information Evening Letter

14th June: Year 12 University of Surrey Trip

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 12 University of Surrey Trip on Friday 30th June
Please see attached a letter from Mr Dale and Mr Boucher regarding the University of Surrey trip.
Kind regards
School Office

University of Surrey Trip Letter

14th June: T20 Cricket Match Trip

Dear Parents/Carers
T20 Cricket Match Hampshire v Middlesex
Please see attached a letter from Miss Willimott regarding the T20 Cricket Trip for selected students.
Kind regards
School Office

T20 Cricket Match Trip Letter

13th June: Misuse of Mobile/Electronic Devices Consequences

Dear Parents/Carers
Misuse of mobile/electronic devices consequence procedure
For the vast majority of students the issue of mobile phones is not a concern as phones are kept tucked away and off for the duration of the school day. However, for some students despite clear sanctions and procedures regarding the use of phones in school it remains a problem. As a school the consequences of image sharing and malicious messaging are time consuming and distract from our core purpose of education and self-development.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to remind students and parents of our sanctions for the use of mobile phones within school.
Kind regards
Mr A Hartley, Deputy Headteacher

Misuse of Mobile Electronic Devices

13th June: Year 11 End of Year Assembly

Dear Parents/Carers
End of Year Assembly
On Friday 16th June Year 11 students will be receiving their hoodies after their physics exam.  Students should not sign each others shirts on Friday.  The final assembly on Wednesday 21st June will be non-uniform and students should bring in a spare shirt for students and staff to sign if they wish.
We would greatly appreciation donations of good quality PE kit and uniform (especially ties) that students no longer require and this can be brought into Main Reception anytime after their final exams.
Kind regards
School Office

13th June: Year 10 Exam Revision Information

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 10 Exam Revision Information
We would like to thank everyone who attended the Exam Revision Evening yesterday, we hope the information shared with you will enable you to support your students in the upcoming exams.
As discussed, please see attached a copy of the presentation for your information.
Kind regards
School Office

Year 10 Revision Evening Presentation

12th June: Year 10 Drama

Dear Students, Parents/Carers
Year 10 Drama
On Thursday 15th June we would like to invite you to a short sharing of work from Year 10 Drama. Students have recreated two short scenes from Grease the Musical to perform as part of their Unit 4 mock assessment. The sharing will start at 5:30pm in the Drama Studio and is expected to last 15-20 minutes.
Thank you
Miss C Haley, Head of Dance & Drama

12th June: Year 11 Art Project

Dear Year 11 Art
Art Project
Hope your exams have been going well!
I am writing to you as I have been asked to paint a mural at Wildridings Primary School with an underwater theme and would like to know if any of you would be interested in getting involved with painting the mural? It will be a great project, you can add to your CV and it will be good fun!
Let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in this opportunity.
Many thanks
Mrs Hemmings, Art Teacher

12th June: Year 11 Maths Exam

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 11 Maths Exam
Tomorrow is most students last maths exam and a number of students have already decided that they do not wish to continue with maths post-16.
At this time, we understand that students may no longer require their maths equipment and we will be happy to accept donations of the following items:

  • Protractors
  • Compasses
  • Rulers

We will also be accepting calculators but students will require these in their exam on Friday for Physics, after the Physics exams we will collect these should they wish to donate them.
Kind regards
Mr T Dean, Head of Maths

12th June: Osmington Bay Weekend Trip Programme

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 7, 8 and 9 Outdoor Weekend at Osmington Bay
Please see attached the programme for the coming weekend.
Kind regards
Catering & Enrichment Manager

Osmington Bay Programme for Weekend

9th June: Year 11 Study Support

Dear Parents/Carers 

Year 11 Study Support

Following on from my email yesterday with the study support timetable I would like to enlist your support in encouraging students to attend the revision sessions. Today, following the Science exam, there was a significant number of students who made the decision to leave to study at home despite there being two sessions timetabled for English ahead of this vital exam on Monday.

Teachers have prepared resources and were very close to predicting the exact question on the previous exam meaning the skills gained in these sessions would significantly improve their grade.

It is a shame that many are deciding to dismiss this opportunity and those that are staying are giving themselves a fantastic opportunity ahead of their remaining examinations.

Kind regards

Mr P Gibson, Deputy Headteacher

pdf      9th June Year 10 GCSE Photography Trip Letter

pdf      8th June Brakenhale Music Evening

pdf      8th June Year 10 Revision Evening

pdf      8th June Exam Reminder

pdf      8th June Lego Mindstorms Trip

pdf      8th June Donations to Drama

pdf      8th June Ski Trip Information Evening

pdf      7th June Year 10 Business Exam

pdf      7th June Year 10 Economics Exam

pdf      7th June Year 11 Study Programme

pdf      7th June Maths Exam

pdf      6th June Osmington Bay Trip Kit List

pdf      6th June Year 11 Leavers’ Year Book

pdf      6th June GCSE Science

pdf      5th June Summer Uniform

pdf      26th May Year 10 Exams

pdf      26th May Year 11 Study Programme Timetable

pdf      26th May Year 11 Study Leave

pdf      26th May Year 11 Half Term Revision Reminder

pdf      26th May Year 11 English Practice Papers

pdf      26th May Head Lice

pdf      26th May Year 11 News

pdf      26th May Sixth Form Half Term Revision

pdf      26th May Sixth Form News

pdf      25th May Year 11 BTEC Business

pdf      25th May Year 11 Business Studies

pdf      25th May Eat Well for Less

pdf      25th May Maths Higher Practice Paper

pdf      25th May Maths Foundation Practice Paper

pdf      25th May Year 11 Maths Practice Papers

pdf      23rd May Year 12 Science Museum Trip

pdf      23rd May Year 10 Uniform Expectations

pdf      23rd May Summer Uniform

pdf      23rd May PixL University Conference Trip

pdf      22nd May Year 11 Half Term Study Support Sessions – Revised timings

pdf      22nd May Year 11 Catering Revision

pdf      22nd May Year 11 History Half Term Revision

pdf      22nd May Year 11 English Literature Exam

pdf      22nd May Lego Mindstorms Trip

pdf      20th May Year 11 Marginal Gains

pdf      20th May Year 11 Exam and Study Timetable w/c 22.5.17

pdf      20th May Sixth Form Marginal Gains

pdf      19th May Year 11 May Half Term Revision

pdf      18th May Year 8 Book Look Week

pdf      20th April Sixth Form News

pdf      17th April Welcome Back to School

pdf      21st March Dance Trip Letter – 27th April

pdf      20th March Year 11 News

pdf      17th March Year 10 News

pdf      17th March Year 11 Hoody Letter

pdf      13th March Year 10 News

pdf      13th March Year 9 News

pdf      13th March Year 8 News

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pdf      10th March Sixth Form News

pdf      9th March History & Languages Paris Trip – July 2017

pdf      6th March Year 7 News

pdf      6th March Year 9 STEM Trip

pdf     27th February PTA Bingo Evening

pdf     27th February School Lottery Launch

pdf     24th February Sixth Form News

pdf     21st February Year 11 GCSE PE Student Conference Trip

pdf     21st February Year 11 Parents Evening invite letter

pdf     21st February Year 9 MFL & History Paris Trip Information Evening presentation

pdf     7th February Year 9 Parents Evening Invite letter

pdf     6th February Year 11 News

pdf     6th February Year 10 News

pdf     6th February Year 9 News

pdf     6th February Year 8 News

pdf     3rd February Sixth Form News

pdf     3rd February Sixth Form PP Exam Timetable